Zoom Wooden vegetable set- Raduga Grez

Wooden vegetable set- Raduga Grez


pre order late january 

A set of wooden vegetables: 10 pieces. Carrot, potato, tomato, onion, beet, turnips, big mushroom, small mushroom, cucumber, eggplant.

Why this toy is necessary? In addition to the story game, imitation of adults, it lays the image of proper nutrition.
To say that the vegetables are stunning in their hands - do not say anything! Large, round, tactile, saturated colors and with a pattern of wood.
Boil the soup, for fun, cut the salad!

Hand-made and dyed using non-toxic water-based dyes and left unlaсquered. 

SET INCLUDES : 10 wooden vegetables figures
KIT SIZE : 15 x 10 x 10 cm
MATERIAL : lime wood, dyed with non-toxic watercolors, without lacquer
ORIGIN : Made in Russia with 




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