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The Wish Pixies


The Wish Pixie is a little doll with a big plan - to help children overcome the emotional challenges that can come with growing up, by using the power of self belief, positivity and a little bit of magic. Dimentions 18cms 

Every doll sold also helps seriously ill children's wishes come true through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The wish fairys tiny cloth dolls are hand made ethically in Australia with little treasures first Wish Pixie collection. Every doll is designed with a wish or 'theme' in mind. For example, Nimue, the Mermaid Pixie, is particularly good at helping the common childhood fear of water, or 'Nightling' helps overcome a fear of the dark. 

Research has shown that children who experienced a wish showed a significant reduction in general distress, depression and anxiety symptoms. What’s more, these feelings were replaced with a greater general sense of hope for their future and positive emotions. On the physical side, the children who experience a wish also demonstrate greater health-related quality of life, including a significant reduction in their perceptions of their own physical limitations.





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