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Russian forest | Команда wooden toys


Mental toy for smart and creative games. Develops imagination, speech, artistic ability and emotional intelligence. 

The Russian forest is a classic “open toy” that does not provide algorithms and patterns in the game, but invites the child to think up how to interact with it more interestingly. As a result, any game turns out to be developing - the kid has an active imagination, thought process, emotions are involved, he tries to comment on his actions. 

If your child builds a city of cubes, it is possible in the middle of the city to break a park and discuss at the same time why it is important for a person even in the city to be close to nature. You can send the rainbow dwarfs to the forest hike and come up with many useful fairy tales - for example, how one dwarf got lost and how he behaved to be found quickly.

The forest is ideal for playing out your favorite fairy tales - kolobok, teremka, tales about Masha and bears. For a child, this is a very important process - to transfer a verbal tale into reality, to play familiar plots. This often gives a huge leap in speech, “discovers” the skill of the imagination and very strongly trains memory. 

And with such a toy, children enjoy playing themselves, giving parents the freedom to drink a cup of coffee. 




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