Zoom Recycled Bongo Drum
Zoom Recycled Bongo Drum

Recycled Bongo Drum


These beautiful bongo drums are made from recyled goods, so that your loves can be a rockstar while having an impact on saving the our environment, the main goal is to reduce waste and preserving the planet.

Peter, the designer and maker of the drums is always working on ways to make them better. He makes them out of products including recylced tins, sails off old sail boats and paper bark. They come with a one drum stick made from natural wood and a recylced leather head. 

How they work:

When hit, the air molecules vibrate against each other, which sound waves are then formed making the sound of the drum be heard. They are traditionally played by striking the edge of the drum heads with the fingers and palms. To produce the best sound you should have the drum on it's side so that both faces are uncovered. 

They can be tuned by adjusting the strings around the drum. Tighter for a more high pitch sound. 




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