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 Leap baby,

For our growing creations ~ 

this beautifully crafted roller has been blended with 100% therapeutic grade oils that assist in calming and promote mood lifting qualities. Allow baby to relax and be open an aware to their surrounding and emotions.

 What and exciting time we just birthed these amazing little people and they are discovering all these exciting new skills and things around them like eating their hands ~ although this comes with a influx of emotions which they aren’t sure how to manage ‘ it can be a confusing exciting scary time for our little people. This blend has been crafted to assist with exactly that to bring calm to baby and assist in balancing all of these new emotions and feelings. Assisting to relieve the fear out of the journey.

Leap baby blend is here to help our tiny people in balancing not only their emotional and physical wellbeing but to bring out a balance in their energy which may at times he over active or the opposite.

ingredients |

Bergamot, ylang ylang, Frankincense, Lavender
+ dilluted with fractionated coconut oil

safety information |
- possible sun or skin sensitivity
- keep out of reach of small children
- avoid contact with eyes, inner ears + sensitive areas
- if pregnant or under care consult your general practitioner
- in the unlikely event a reaction occurs discontinue and seek medical advice




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