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Let’s get them babies milk drunk,

needing assistance to boost your milk supply?

this beautifully crafted roller has been blended with 100% therapeutic grade oils that encourages the production of estrogen - boosting mamas milk supply.

Application |
apply to the sides of the breast and under arms avoiding the nipples.
apply up to 3 times daily for up to 10 days at a time, then discontinue for 1-2 weeks.
this product is not recommended for usage in the first trimester of pregnancy.

ingredients |
fennel, basil 
+ dilluted with fractionated coconut oil


 safety information |
- possible sun or skin sensitivity
- keep out of reach of small children
- avoid contact with eyes, inner ears + sensitive areas
- if pregnant or under care consult your general practitioner
- in the unlikely event a reaction occurs discontinue and seek medical advice




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