When I opened My Darling Valentine I never dreamed for one second I would end up designing children’s decor. The photo's below show my beautiful designs in all their glory and as they should be - giving joy. I worked so hard to design this collection; I wanted each piece to be simple yet elegant, something that would never date.

“As a child you would think they were pretty & one day you would give them to your own child to enjoy just like you did”
There’s just something so magical about childhood.


At My Darling Valentine we are taking an ethical responsibility to purchase from manufactures who support fair working conditions for the people who make the products they sell. It’s about making sure workers are treated fairly with dignity & respect.
Our passion to human rights has shaped the way we trade with the manufacturers of our own My Darling Valentine Rattan Collection. Transparency & accountability - fair trade - fair payment - fair price - Ensuring no child labour, ensuring good working conditions & respect for the environment. Our rattan finishing coat is a water base system that is non toxic & eco-friendly, ensuring the environment & your family are safe.

HAPPY is a word that identifies our manufactures employees.
Having a big team, they realized that work & friendship must follow each other, to support all people with different religions, beliefs & backgrounds. Morning Prayer time was implemented for all employees to support growth within their own faith without any discrimination.
Creating positive leadership & team-work is our manufactures policy, they have created an outbound program in each division line. This program was created to give all members opportunities in developing their skills - "as we know; the best way is learning by doing." Employees are free to express feelings, feedback & share their ideas on performance & the company to continually improve & streamline their workplace.
The company states "It makes a difference how we treat our employees, as we are not just not a company with employees, employees are treated as family".


Are you interested in becoming a stockist of our Rattan Collection?