My partner and I often talk about life, our chosen career paths, our children & where we see ourselves in the next 20 years. Most of the time our answer is travelling Australia in our huge imaginary caravan together.
I’ve had a number of different jobs in my tax paying years, from clothing store manger, crayfish factory worker, waitress, Bar manager, surf shop manager, nanny, marine safety officer to my latest stop; Nursing then to Cosmetic Nursing. I have always been enticed by what another career path may offer. I never felt complete until I met my partner and the birth of our son Hendrix. I decided - I wanted to do something in conjunction to my nursing career. With that, my passion for fashion and little people – My Darling Valentine was born. It’s the first time my partner and I have worked together professionally. So far, its been so fulfilling. My partner, an off shore boilermaker, became a carpenter, gyprocker & builder overnight to open our doors on 1st of June 2017.


Our mission is to find the newest brands that focus on high fashion & quality for our little darlings. Trying our best to stay organic & purchase from companies who operate in a safe & ethical environments, supporting fair work conditions worldwide & holding our own rattan collection to the to the same high standards.
with love
Clare & Kai