At My Darling Valentine we are taking an ethical responsibility to purchase from Indonesian manufactures who support fair working conditions for the people who make the products they sell. It’s about making sure workers are treated fairly with dignity & respect. Our passion to human rights has shaped the way we trade with the manufacturers of our own My Darling Valentine Nursery and Children's Rattan Collection. Transparency & accountability - fair trade - fair payment - fair price - Ensuring no child labour, ensuring good working conditions & respect for the environment. Our rattan finishing coat is a water base system that is non toxic & eco-friendly, ensuring the environment & your family are safe. At my darling valentine we feel we need to do our part in possibly leaving a situation a little bit better than when I found it and offering a contribution of 2% back to improve the livelihoods of Indonesian children.
2% of MDV rattan collection sales goes to bali street kids project - Serving disadvantaged children in Indonesia.
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